1000 Tees, 1000 Women

First up, disturbing statistic that probably doesn’t surprise informed Undone readers but still SUCKS – by the end of the summer, 1000 New Zealand women will be diagnosed with breast cancer – an average of eight women diagnosed every day. That just makes us want to weep, and the chances of remaining untouched by this through each of our lifetimes is almost nil.

So then, ways to help. Awareness, yes, and dollars, also yes.

A cool way of doing both? Purchase a tee via this link. There are 1000 up for sale, and the more you spend the bigger your numbers and the better you will feel. They are nice cuts and good quality cotton. No matter what number you get, you’ll have done an amazing thing. Simple maths.


Models: Helena and Randall @ 62 Models | Photographer: Olivia Hemus | Hair: Stephen Marr | Makeup: Amber D

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