Acne Studios + Hilma Af Klint

Nothing beats an Acne collab for coolness, creativity or originality, and their latest, which draws deeply on inspiration from the artwork of fellow Swedish artist and mystic (!) Hilma af Klint, whose paintings were amongst the very first to tackle abstraction and automatic drawing (mindblowing, outrageous concepts for the time), is quite possibly our favourite yet…

Quick art history lesson: from the 1890s to 1941, af Klint created an immense volume of work – more than 1000 pieces – which she requested should not be shown until 20 years after she died (in 1944). In 1970, her paintings were offered as a gift to Moderna Museet, the Swedish museum of modern art in Stockholm, who turned them down. Boom. Finally in the 1980s her work reached an international audience, and since then has developed a growing cult following – including the kids at Acne Studios, who’ve just dropped a sweet capsule range of sweaters, tees, tanks, scarves and totes splashed with the evocative prints. Ironically, the Moderna Museet has recently held several exhibitions celebrating her work. Awkward.

Pretty cool huh? We’re kinda hypnotised by the af Klint works we’ve seen so far. And we have no words for how much we dig that swan sweater. Collab perfection.


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