Bare Bones

An unexpected parcel is one of life’s great treats, so it was with some gusto that I tore back the tissue on this latest arrival to my mail box. Accompanied by a hand-written note. Fresh cotton, Breton-striped, clean lines. Pretty much the perfect delivery.

Curiosity duly invoked, I turned to my trusty MacBook for a spot of research, and impressed by what I found, I wanted to share it with you here.

The brand is Bare Bones, “the skeleton to your closet” as they call themselves. Created out of a lack of classic, refined pieces at an affordable price point. You wouldn’t call them basics exactly, though some pieces are beautifully so, but a set of silhouettes that pull together an outfit and set a style.

I wrote them back to say thank you and they sent me a moodboard (seems they know me well) to accompany this set of images. I also got a sneak peek at the new collection and can testify that there’s more effortless goodness coming.

I’m currently returning to the world after a 36-hour migraine and am wearing my Bare Bones dress with my favourite old cashmere cardigan and a pair of ugg boots, but it’s a start…


– Josie

Model: Katie @ Clyne | Photography: Adam Bryce  | Hair and makeup: Fiona Clare

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