Under The Indigo Moon: Natasha Khan + YMC

“It all came from a very light, playful place,” says Natasha Khan, aka Bat For Lashes and one of our heroines, on her very cool fashion collab with YMC, “starting with my romantic cut outs of a couple loving and living in the mountains, by palm trees, by the sea… I enjoyed the whimsical process of creating illustrations with the cut out method, sitting at a table listening to music, letting my drawings and cuts lead the way. Then choosing the colours from photographs I had taken of sunsets on my touring travels.”

So not only do we have a cool collection of clothing and accessories with a contemporary sportswear feel (and some killer prints) on the way, we also get to enjoy a new track and accompanying video (below) created with Beck and produced by Neil Krug, who also shot the collection stills, to complement the ‘trashy, playful, US motel aesthetic’ Natasha was going for with her designs.


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