Bittersweet is an escape to Queenstown with my two best friends.

Sweet because the few days were full of mountains, lakes, smiles, secrets, whiskey, wine and The Sherwood.

Bitter because it was a goodbye. I’m now halfway across the world.

Slow mornings were spent sleeping in, drinking coffee in the sun; followed by days of wandering the golden Otago landscape.

The Sherwood was the perfect mix of old and new – merino blankets, concrete walls, blonde wood and sheepskin rugs. The food was fresh, the coffee hot and the whiskey warm.

Queenstown reminded me that despite moving away, I will miss everything about our tiny island in the middle of the Pacific. And those mountains and stars are tattooed on my heart and my skin to remind me of my roots. I will carry this country with me wherever I go.


Laura Oosterbeek

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