Undone is very excited to be the very first to show you what we think is one of the coolest fashion/art collabs of 2014! Eep! We also have an exclusive Q&A, read on!

Qui est la RUBY X GATTOBRAVO fille? Who is the RUBY X GATTOBRAVO girl?

She lives a Rive Gauche lifestyle filled with fun and fancy. Paintbrushes, bonbons and panthers as pets. She revels in raindrops as long as they’re pretty ones, goes to fashion shows with a sketchpad not an iPad, delights in prints and pleats, charms everyone she meets.

Last summer RUBY designer Deanna Didovich’s eye was drawn to a sketch pinned on her moodboard. Fluid sweeps of black ink imbued with expression by a confident hand. ‘I was mesmerised by GATTOBRAVO’s organic, linear illustration style and the way she applied colour in the most perfect manner,’ says Deanna. ‘I was instantly obsessed.’

RUBY x GATTOBRAVO is a limited edition capsule collection in collaboration with enigmatic illustrator GATTOBRAVO. London-based, with a penchant for fashion and travel, a nom de plume meaning ‘good cat’ in Italian and drawings for Vogue, Vanity Fair and Dior as strings to her bow.

RUBY x GATTOBRAVO showcases an impeccable edit of très jolie dresses, playsuits, skirts, shorts and tops, punctuated with an essential set of summer slides, a slouchy sport sack and a quintessentially chic fedora. Studded with candy-coloured jewels, awash with Breton stripes and featuring two signature GATTOBRAVO prints in bold leopard and watercolour raindrop, the 15-piece collection is wearable, covetable, collectable – with a hint of French flair.

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Gattobravo, I am an illustrator and I also like to design products from shoes to plates.

How did you get into illustrating?
I studied Fashion in St Martins College of Art & Design, London and I was encouraged to do Fashion illustrations by my tutor. After I graduated, I worked as a designer and continue doing illustration on the side.

What do you love most about illustrations?
That an illustration can be simple and tell a story at the same time.

How would you describe your illustration style?
It’s freestyle and unplanned. Most illustrations I am very happy with are the ones I do without thinking. And I like to keep it abstract, so I can develop products from the mood – it can continue into another thing.

Most exciting GATTOBRAVO project/collaboration you’ve worked on and why?
The best ones are when you can see your flat drawings into a different form. So with RUBY it’s an amazing experience to have my illustrations made into a series of beautiful clothes and accessories.

What’s your favourite runway show you’ve attended?
I always look forward for Dries Van Noten. It’s always different but you can see his strong signature in every collection.

How would you describe the illustrations you’ve done for RUBY?
It’s fun and colourful, The animal prints reveals little surprises – something unexpected. There’s a combination of bold print and also delicate print that work nicely together. I want the person who wears the clothes to adore and enjoy them. It’s essential to wear clothes that excite you.

What’s your favourite piece from the RUBY x GATTOBRAVO collection and why?
I think it would be the animal print, I love the colours, it’s unconventional leopard print.

How have you found working with the RUBY team to create this collection?
It has been a great project. We bounced ideas and I love how the Ruby team has translated my print into pieces that I would wear. Each of them has nice details either prints or embellishment. And with all the different elements of prints/stories, as a collection it works so well. There’s something for everyone.


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