Breaky Stack With Carrot Hash & Poached Eggs

Oh breakfast time… how I newly lust over you each and every morning I wake up ravenous, looking forward to an hour languishing about in the kitchen, devouring my eggs and taking a moment before diving into the day. The best time. Sometimes I’ll even get a little fancy with you, like this week’s carrot hash providing the perfect base for two perfectly poached eggs and a garnishing of coriander and sea salt…

But really, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’ve got an excuse to eat enough to keep you full for hours, so I encourage everyone to get abundant amounts of protein, healthy fats and nutrients in there before at least 8am. This recipe is a great one for those mornings when you’re craving something delicious to serve a poached egg or two on top of, giving your morning meal that little bit more oomph when you have a bit of extra time.

Try prepping the hash mix the night before if you have any leftover garlic or chilli from dinner, it makes it super quick and easy when you’re running short on time the next day.

Breaky Stack w Carrot Hash & Poached Egg
Serves 2

Handful fresh spinach
2-4 eggs for poaching
3t white wine vinegar

For the hash:
1 large carrot (or two smaller ones) – grated
1/3c almond meal
2 eggs
1 small red chili – finely chopped
2 cloves garlic – crushed
Handful fresh coriander – roughly chopped
Large pinch salt and pepper

Carrot hash: Combine all hash ingredients in a small bowl and mix well to combine. Heat a non-stick fry pan over a medium heat, adding enough olive or coconut oil to lightly cover the bottom. Split the mixture into two and form into round pattie-like shapes in the frying pan, fry for 2-3 minutes on each side or until golden brown and cooked through, remove from heat.

Poached eggs: Fill a medium sized frying pan about ¾ full with hot water, add the white wine vinegar and bring to a boil over a large element. Crack your eggs and gently let them drop into the water, leave to cook for about two minutes (you don’t want to overdo it) before scooping out and gently draining/shaking water off.

To stack: Put a small handful of baby spinach in the middle of your plate; place the carrot hash on top followed by the poached egg(s). Garnish with coriander, salt and pepper – and you’re done!


– Samantha Bluemel, Undone Girl

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