Bunched: The Forager

This week’s flower power comes via Auckland florist and gardener Isabel Johnston, AKA The Forager.

What are the flowers/foliage in your bunch?
Hellebore, hyacinth and buddleia.

Why/how did you choose them?
I chose these flowers as they are some of the best of the season. Hellebore are wonderful, delicate blooms and it always feels like a treat to be using them in arrangements. Hyacinth on the other hand are an underdog and I always love to match the spectacular with something a little unusual. Buddleia is a new favourite of mine, it has awesome movement and texture, which I love to play around with.

What kind of vase/vessel would you put it in?
I have used one of Holly Houston‘s gorgeous black sand vases, which was perfect for this arrangement (she also captured these beautiful images for me!)

Favourite flower/foliage right now and why?
Hellebores! They encapsulate delicate beauty, texture and movement all in one.

The best thing that happened to you this week?
My sweet pea seedlings sprouted.

Something good to listen to while arranging flowers?
Khruangbin’s new album Con Todo El Mundo.

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