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As devoted followers of classic cinema and music and of cute kittens, it would have been negligible of us not to make mention of The Cut’s recent AMAZING post, titled ‘Most Fabulous Famous Cat Ladies Of All Time’.

Some lucky soul got to spend what was surely a lengthy amount of time scouring the archives for photos of famous females and their felines (jealous!), and probably got paid for the pleasure.

As per our mission statement above, we’ve then also spent a fairly lengthy amount of time poring over all 50 pics to bring you our favourites, selected using a strict set of criteria including babeness of cat lady, cuteness of cat/s, coolness of story/caption…


Lauren Bacall
From the forties, the future Mrs. Bogart poses with two black cats.

Dolly Parton
A shoot from the seventies titled “Dolly Parton and Friend.”

Elizabeth Taylor
While returning to Paris from a trip to Russia in 1961, Taylor proved herself capable of simultaneously signing an autograph and stroking the nape of a mysterious cat.

Gladys George
In a photo from 1934, The Maltese Falcon actress hugs her tortoiseshell cat, whom she named Monkie.

Mia Farrow
On September 12, 1965, Mia Farrow was photographed with her cat companion Ref.

Françoise Arnoul
Around 1954, the French actress who gained fame for starring in sex melodramas, posed for yet another sultry photo. This time, with a startled-looking white Persian in tow.

Betty Grable
The actress wore her pet cat Whitney around her neck like a fur scarf in 1935. The cat then sniffed her hair.

Ewa Aulin
Tiny cat! The Swedish actress posed with a minuscule feline named Hurricane in July 1968.

Mary Philbin
The silent film star posing in 1935.

Joan Collins
In 1957, British-born actress Joan Collins lounged on a boat that came with its own kitten.

Antonella Bottazzi
The Italian singer and songwriter posing in Milan.

Marianne Faithfull
In a portrait from a private photo shoot in 1966, the British singer couldn’t look happier.

June Lockhart
Here, in 1963, the actress was photographed blow-drying George, her cat.

Vivien Leigh
The actress, a noted cat lover, carried one over her shoulder in June, 1960. Observe the studded collar.

Paulina Porizkova
The supermodel in 1985, competing to see who can look more feline.

All pics and captions courtesy of The Cut.

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