Cult Beauty: MAC Strobe Cream, Osis+ Mattifying Powder & L’Oreal Techniart Web

The fourth in our new Undone beauty series – Cult Beauty – which focuses on our favourite cult products for skin and hair…

Cult Beauty #4 notes:

Mac Strobe Cream
Possibly MAC’s best known and most magical classic product, Strobe comes in a liquid or cream formula – the former for oilier skin and the latter for dry. It gives a subtle iridescent sheen/glow to skin, but still photographs well with no flashback.
It’s also super versatile and can be worn under foundation as a primer, on its own or mixed together with foundation for a tinted glow. Plus it’s packed full of antioxidants, plant derivatives and green tea extract, so is actually good for your skin health too!

Osis+ Dust It Mattifying Powder
This is an industry favourite, designed to add volume and give a full matte texture to hair. To apply, roughly part the hair where you want texture and volume, shake a little dust in and roughly rub with your fingers to disperse evenly. For a lighter hold, sprinkle into your palms and rake through hair. It’s very easy to control.

L’Oreal Techniart Web
This incredible product gets its name from the dozens of tiny fibres visible in the weightless wax. Web adds texture and allows you to mould and shape the hair without too much shine, and gives an ultra strong hold. Scoop a small walnut-sized amount into your hands and rub together to warm up the wax and activate the fibres. Then just pull your hands apart and let the fibres fall onto the hair before styling.

Model: Devon at 62 | Hair, makeup and notes: Gabrielle Houghton | Photographer: A.B Watson |

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