Eleanor Barker + Giveaway

We’re super excited about this week! Not only do we get to introduce to you (if you don’t already know these brilliant girls and/or their work) some of our coolest and most talented female illustrators, we’re also giving away an amazing artwork from each of them!

First up is Eleanor Barker – read on for a short sweet Q&A and below for how to enter to win her delicious Ghostworld print! THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED!

– Post the work you want on Instagram
– Tag Undone (@undonejournal) and Eleanor (@ohdearella)
– Pop on the hashtag #sketchyladies
– Make sure you’re following both of us. Easy!

Eleanor, what’s your first memory of picking up a pencil or brush and drawing/painting with intent?
It seems now that I was always drawing as a child. I was lucky, because my mother and father always encouraged me in this, so I grew up thinking I was an art prodigy. I orchestrated ‘drawing club’ in the library of my primary school from a very young age and loved to make cards for my parents, the tooth fairy and Santa.

Favourite mediums?
I love to mix gauche and watercolour, a not-so-widely-done method that makes watercolour behave more like acrylic, but if you add water – bam – it’s watercolour again!

If you could have any one female (past or present) sit for you, who would it be and why?
This may be a bit cliche, but probably Frida Kahlo, she was just so electrifying and inspiring. She lived fully and bravely.

Do you you listen to music while you work, and if so, what?
Usually chill electronic music like Baths, Son Lux or Braids. But I also freely admit that I often paint while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Artists you admire and why?
Many of my amazing friends are amazing illustrators: Maxi Quy, Henri Christian-Slane, Nicholas Blazey, Adam Tan, Alexander Martin, The Grizzly Peasants, Amber Seegmiller… I also adore Brain Foetus, Marlene Dumas and Helice Wen.

Tell us a little about the work we can win…
Ghostworld came from an idea, an image that cam unbidden to my mind – a girl with her chest cracked open, revealing stickers. I guess it is a kind of self portrait (even though she doesn’t look like me), speaking of my love for nostalgia. The hair colour dictated the title, she reminded me of Enid.

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