Espresso Martini For Two

Whether you’re celebrating with your lover, or another, there’s nothing quite like a stiff drink to end the week/kick off your weekend.

I recently discovered espresso martinis made with Kokako cold brew at their cafe in Grey Lynn. They’re not on the menu unfortunately, but something that the team there mix up for special occasions after hours.

Cold brew is a fairly new addition to the list of ways to enjoy your coffee fix in New Zealand. Not to be confused with iced coffee, cold brew is a process where water is slowly filtered through ground coffee, resulting in a drink lower in acidity than a regular hot coffee.

This is perfect for espresso martinis as it’s somewhat smoother and sweeter than using hot espresso, and as the cold brew is already chilled it makes this cocktail super easy to prepare.

Blue Duck Rare Vodka is another newbie on the shelves. I was initially wooed by the packaging designed by APLUS , but the vodka itself (handcrafted locally) is a rather fine drop too.

Don’t be intimidated by making cocktails at home. For this espresso martini you only need three ingredients, along with ice, a shaker and a couple of cocktail glasses.

Espresso Martini For Two
60ml Blue Duck vodka
30ml Kahlua
150ml Kokako cold brew (half a bottle)

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, pour in the vodka, kahlua and cold brew. Shake and strain into chilled cocktail glasses (I used champagne coupes from Karen Walker Home), and enjoy!


Alice, Undone Girl

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