Favourite Things: Claire Hammon, Meadowlark

Claire Hammon is one half of the super talented duo that is Meadowlark. (The other half is her husband Greg Fromont.) She’s a major inspiration and has one of the best archives of, and eye for, striking imagery of anyone we know. She’s also involved in the creation of some pretty amazing images of her own – most recently Meadowlark’s latest collection Ritual.

Undone had the special privilege of finding out what some of Claire’s favourite ever images are…

1. This is definitely one of my all time favourite shots. I love it so much, I wish it was ours. I feel like it sums up the ultimate Meadowlark girl. Tough, hot and couldn’t give a shit. It’s Frances Bean Cobain, shot by Hedi Slimane.

2. I don’t know anything about this shot but I love how it looks like a kind of freedom with the potential to be frightening. I like the goth about it, it’s a million miles from here.

3. This is just beautiful. I love this model and cats always make photos better. This has been on our moodboard for a while and I only just found out this year it was shot by Darren McDonald, who we just shot the Ritual campaign with. Pretty cool to get to shoot with someone whose work is all over your moodboard.

4. I’ve loved this shot for so long, I love the bad-arse boots with the girlyy glitter and the movement in the darkness. It seems like a complete accident, but a perfect accident. I recently posted it online and found out it was taken by our friends at Di$count.

5. There’s just something about this shot. I know nothing about it but I’m a sucker for capturing movement in shots. It’s not something that can be created or imitated, just a moment in time.


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