Happiest Hour

I am unashamedly fond of Kiehl’s, my apartment is adorned with bottles and pots in all shapes and sizes carrying that swirly logo and signature underlined caps and italics, and I await each new product, as well as the chance to top up on established favourites, with more than a little excitement and delight. So I’ve been having mini happy attacks lately knowing Daily Reviving Concentrate is coming our way in mid October. It’s Kiehl’s new daytime skin defense serum and basically promises to be a small golden bottle of skin magic.

Even better, as a sucker for the sell, the campaign for this one, called Happiest Hour, is fronted by the gorgeous Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl.

“We named this campaign Happiest Hour because it’s inspired by the best hours of the day,” says Maria Gustafson, Kiehl’s senior vice president of global creative. “And we believe that everyone should look just as beautiful at 6pm as they do when they set out for the day. The partnership with Nicole is unique in that it is very editorial and collaborative in nature – utilising our digital platforms and Nicole’s story-telling aesthetic to share the tangible lifestyle benefits of the Daily Reviving Concentrate.”

Kiehl’s Happiest Hour series centres around four personalities in various city scenarios, Rush Hour, Adventure Hour, Nature Hour and Family Hour, with each scene embodied by Nicole and set in an authentic NYC environment. Kiehl’s worked closely with Warne who helped build these characters to demonstrate how Daily Reviving Concentrate can help women look energised, fresh and young.

“To bring this campaign to life, I picked four characters with distinctly varying lifestyles, set in iconic locations in Kiehl’s hometown of NYC” says Nicole. “And in developing those characters, I found it exciting to incorporate elements of the Kiehl’s brand into them: nature, family, the iconic motorcycle, and their adventure heritage.”

A little bit of spiel on the product for the true beauty nerds:

While skin repairs itself at night, during the day it is hard at work defending itself from environmental aggressors and oxidative stress. After a full day of battling to protect itself from damage, our skin shows signs of fatigue, which can cause it to look up to five years older demonstrating a more prominent appearance of lines as well as dull, dehydrated, rough and tired-looking skin. Offering skin its own daytime defense system to revitalise and help reduce the signs of skin fatigue, Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate is formulated to help strengthen and protect the skin barrier for a smooth, fresh and healthy look all day long.


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