Haven Series: Bernie

The locations Alex and I shot in were around my neighbourhood and home. It felt completely different to the other shoots I’ve been on because it was completely natural, we were walking around places I’ve known all my life, it was comfortable. The shoot did’t feel like any other I’d been on before. It felt strange not having makeup done for me or a studio to work in with different people walking around… it was relaxed and Alex and I were able to talk and catch up over shooting in places we found cool and interesting.

The clothing I wore were things I found comfortable and causal in my wardrobe. The way you present yourself is always something people take into consideration so I chose an outfit I found presentable and casual; still showing a taste of what I usually look like! I’m wearing a black t-shirt with a print on the front and light washed skinny jeans with my suede black boots. These are generally the types of clothes I like to wear when I’m not modelling and when I’m just staying at home or hanging with my friends.

I wouldn’t really know what to say when it comes to describing myself… but I’ve been told personality-wise that I can be quite shy and reserved when I first meet people, but when I do get to know them I’m very open and loud! I’m quite a creative person and love art and music. People say I take after my mum personality and artistic wise and am honest with my opinions like my dad. Physically I’ve been compared to too many people for me to count! I look a large amount like both my mum and my dad so people have never been able to state who I look more like… My hair is many different shades of copper blondes and browns yet my eyebrows and eyelashes are black, my eyes are green/blue, and I am reasonably tall. I get told I look like I came from the 70/80s rather often!

I feel most comfortable when I’m around my family and friends. I love when I’m at home around my family; I will have just had dinner and be wearing the laziest of clothes when we spend time together each night to watch movies and whatever is on TV, sharing constant banter in between the shows when the ads are on.

Model: Bernie at Unique Model Management | Photographer: Alex Kim

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