Haven Series: Fiona

The shoot was at my house. We shot mostly in the garden which had heaps of small palm trees, different pot plants, and a cute little treehouse. We also shot in the living room which had a really nice window looking out onto the garden,and a large tea set.

This shoot felt different from ones that I’ve done in a studio because it was at home so it was in a relaxing environment, and my family were also around the house making lunch, watching TV etc. Also it’s a place I feel really connected to, as it’s where I grew up.

I wore a white Aje top and white denim shorts, because white is my favourite colour to wear. I think it looks really clean and also goes with everything! I chose those clothing items because they’re really casual but classy, and it’s definitely an outfit that describes me.

If you ask my friends to describe me, the first thing they would say is that I’m really clumsy as I’m always tripping over things. I’m also quite a shy and quiet person at first, but once you get to know me, I can be very loud and talkative. I’m very relaxed as I don’t like to take things too seriously, and I also find that I prefer to listen more than talk. I would describe myself as very tall, as that’s generally most people’s first impression of me. I never really used to like my height because I felt really different, and I could never wear nice heels, but I’ve learnt to embrace being tall, and I like the fact that it makes me more different and unique.

The place where I feel the most comfortable is lying on the beach on a hot sunny day with friends, and hearing the waves washing up onto the shore. Or when it’s pouring down with rain, and I’m lying in bed watching my favourite TV shows.

Model: Fiona @ 62 Models | Photographer: Alex Kim

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