Haven Series: Laura

Alex wanted to shoot somewhere I felt was my “haven,” somewhere that I know and love. Naturally, I chose my flat in Birkenhead as I feel that this is the one place I can truly relax, unwind and escape from the craziness of day-to-day city life. We made use of the early morning sun peering through the windows as well as the beautiful streets surrounding our flat. I was amazed at how easily Alex could take something I see daily and turn it into art.

This shoot was different from others as it was just me being myself. I didn’t have to have perfect hair and make up, there was no studio lighting and no designer ensuring everything looked just right. It was just Alex, his camera and me. It was a lot more relaxed than any other shoot I have done, as there were no expectations.

For the shoot I wore some jeans, a plain t-shirt and some Chucks. I have a very casual style, and I feel like this outfit reflected that. It was something I found comfortable in and would definitely be found wearing on a day-to-day basis.

I would describe myself as very spontaneous, always looking for the next adventure or the next opportunity to take in life. I enjoy making the most of life and appreciating every moment and experience. I love my sports but at the same time I am a bit of a nerd and enjoy my study. Looks-wise, my nickname is ‘Noodle’. I feel like that sums it up pretty well – tall and lanky haha!

The place I feel most comfortable is anywhere I’m with my friends and family. We could be relaxing at the beach or on the most epic adventure and I would feel serene just being in their loving company.

Model: Laura @ Clyne | Photographer: Alex Kim

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