Haven Series: Michael

The location we were at was mine. The whole atmosphere is generally just chilled out and a happy place to be. Alex took photos all around my house and my bedroom. Which felt easy and laid back as my most comfortable place to be.

This shoot felt more authentic as the whole vibe was so chilled out. I didn’t have to worry about fitting the look for the surrounding and the idea of the shoot he wanted as the idea was just being me in my environment, which was really grand. It was a very happy shoot, friendly and easy going as there was no pressure.

In all honesty I just chucked on the first thing in my drawers. I think for me I don’t really need to worry about what to wear as most of what is in my drawers is op shop and authentic to me. I wore a pair of blue jeans and a striped white and grey shirt which I think helped create a sort of ‘me’ theme

Describing me… Ahhhhhh. I think I’m a pretty outdoorsy sort of person. I enjoy being out surfing, long boarding or just going for walks with my mates. I also enjoy music as being in a band which a huge hobbie for me along with poems which is more of a thing I do when in real relaxed mood and overflowing with inspiration. I think also that over time I’ve just adapted to the things I do and this has just dressed me in a way.

My favourite place to be would most certainly be down at the beach at six in the morning. Be able to look out at the sun rising from behind and listen to the laps of water contouring the sand as an explosion of whack colours emerges from the sun. Not a person around, no technology just me, company (occasionally) and the world.

Model: Michael @ RPD Models | Photographer: Alex Kim

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