Haven Series: Nina

Auckland City is one of my favourite places and one of the locations where we did the shoot (Myers Park) holds quite a few memories for me as I lived right next to it for a little while.

The natural, sleepy theme was something different and it was awesome to be captured as myself and nothing more or less.

I didn’t really put too much thought into my outfit, I just wore what I would wear on a regular day. I was comfortable.

In terms of personality, I think I’m a whole lot weirder than what I give off when you first meet me. And the way I look, I would describe as colourful? I don’t really have limits when it comes to colour coordination. Everything goes!

A place I feel most comfortable is definitely on a warm Sunday arvo at my flat when everyone’s in their own space, playing their own music and there’s a chill atmosphere while we all do our own thing. Or just at my mum’s house waiting for her cooking. 🙂

Model: Nina @ 62 Models | Photographer: Alex Kim

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