Haven Series: Pepa

The shoot was at Junk and Disorderly, a massive warehouse full of vintage stuff like nice old furniture, heaps of cool paintings and cute lil’ knick-knacks everywhere.

It felt different from studio shoots and location shoots outside in gardens etc because it was actually in a store while people were there shopping etc, but it was really good because there was heaps of different spots to take pictures, everywhere you walked there was a different photo opportunity!

I was wearing a mesh black dress with cute lil’ white flowers on it and a silk purply-red shirt that shimmers almost blue in certain lights. I wore the dress because I like how it’s kind of casual but also cute. Both were from op shops. I also wore a grey flowing over-dress from NG in Christchurch, I wore that because there was a bunch of colourful dressing gown/kimonos hanging up beside an old chair and so it kind of went with them, I love the way the dress flows and I love the material.

How would I describe myself? Always a hard question haha… I guess I’m kind of a shy person with a hidden bubbly personality. I’m a Taurus and I’m stubborn and very passionate about the things I love. My mum wrote a letter to me once where she said I have a very strong personality, and some people find that strength hard to deal with, haha. I’m laid-back but also a little crazy, people have told me I look kind of old fashioned and a lot like Betty Page and Twiggy and I’ve pretty much had a fringe since I was four.

When I feel most comfortable is late at night snuggled up in track pants and a hoodie smoking out my window with a close friend, talking about life. Or reading a book about teenagers in the old days, sitting in my sun room in the evening as the sun is going down but still warm and shining through my window.

Model: Pepa at Unique Model Management | Photographer: Alex Kim

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