Haven Series: Zazi

Alex wanted to take the photographs in my neighbourhood. We walked around the streets of Grey Lynn and chose locations or surroundings that felt very natural, familiar and ‘local’. We were outside, only using the light from the sun and the breeze of the wind as our guide. There are so many beautiful trees, streets and great scenery around the suburb that it was a wonderful place to shoot.

This shoot felt different from others because all we relied on was ourselves. We didn’t have any fancy lighting or abstract makeup, just the photographer, the camera and the model. I felt very relaxed and comfortable because it was shot in Grey Lynn where I’ve lived all my life, wearing clothes I would normally wear, walking around places I know. To be honest though, it didn’t even feel like a shoot; it felt like more of a catch-up with Alex since we last saw each other, only occasionally taking pictures when we saw a cool background, before continuing on with our conversation.

I wore a white singlet, denim jeans, a flannel top wrapped around my waist and a denim jacket that falls down to my knees. On my feet I wore some long black and grey socks with shoes. I wore this outfit because it’s a taste of how I would normally dress outside of modelling, like going to school or to a friend’s. I always challenge myself to dress ‘outside of the box’. I think how you dress can have a real impact on a person as an artist. I always aspire myself to dress how I feel, and how I want.

I have no idea how I would describe myself! I guess you could say I am quite a creative thinker? I always choose to challenge myself, and am very ambitious in achieving my goals. I would also say I’m quite shy, especially around people I don’t know very well, but when I’m around my friends I am definitely a ‘nutter’. I love to write, sing and play music when I have the time, as well as doing some creative writing when I have a few new ideas. I’ve been told a few times that I look a little bit like Cara Delevingne, but I don’t really see it! I have long, straight, brown hair, blue eyes, my mum’s nose and my dad’s eyebrows!

I feel most comfortable when I’m at our family’s bach at Pauanui. Waking up to the gorgeous view of sunshine sprinkling over the sea. We share the bach with our extended whanau, so there’s always a positive vibe, and the water is so clear to swim in! There are no TVs or computers at our bach, and no wifi, so it’s a place where our family can get away from it all and just enjoy what’s in front of us.

Model: Zazi at Unique Model Management | Photographer: Alex Kim

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