Heart People

If you only do one thing for yourself today, make it watching the below, the behind the scenes and front of scenes for the exquisite, awe-inspiringly scenic and captivating video ‘Blue Star’, from new music duo Heart People.

Made even more wonderful by the fact that half of the duo is Rachel Rutt, one of our favourite models and general cool people on the planet.

Quite well summed up in their Facebook ‘About’, below, the world is already a better place with Heart People in it.

Heart People are Ryan Grieve of Canyons and Rachel Rutt, artist and model. Inspired by the divine power of Nature, we have found a musical channel with which to celebrate it’s influence on our hearts and minds. Heart People’s sound is expansive, warm, deep, electronic and free. Elements of dance and traditional song structure come together to communicate message and feeling. It is a multi sensory meeting, dedicated to enhancing the soundscape with visual accompaniment. Harmony and fury, respect for the world, and a desire to enjoy the sacred, shape our projections. We are excited by the vibrations of the Earth and intend to share this joy through our sound and vision.


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