Henrietta Harris + Giveaway

We’re super excited about this week! Not only do we get to introduce to you (if you don’t already know these brilliant girls and/or their work) some of our coolest and most talented female illustrators, we’re also giving away an amazing artwork from each of them!

Our final instalment introduces Henrietta Harris – read on for a short sweet Q&A and below for how to enter to win her cool print! THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED!

– Repost Henrietta’s print on Instagram
– Tag Undone (@undonejournal) and Henrietta (@henriettaharris)
– Pop on the hashtag #sketchyladies
– Make sure you’re following both of us. Easy!

Henrietta, what’s your first memory of picking up a pencil or brush and drawing/painting with intent?
I’ve wanted to capture humans and faces for as long as I was drawing, I can’t actually remember a distinct time to be honest. I did also used to copy my brother’s aeroplane drawings but I’d make them half rabbits half planes.

Favourite mediums?
Ballpoint pen on paper and watercolour on paper. Because they’re fast and quick drying and simple and compact.

If you could have any one female (past or present) sit for you, who would it be and why?
This is hard. My first thought was Romola Garai so I’m going to go with that, she’s amazing in The Hour and a cool feminist. Or maybe Lupita Nyong’o, imagine that… Not sure why I chose actors.

Do you you listen to music while you work, and if so, what?
A current favourite is These New Puritans latest, Field Of Reeds, it could be three times as long and I wouldn’t tire of it. I often just bung my iPod on shuffle though, I can listen to anything. I’ve also been listening to a lot of science podcasts.

Artists you admire?
Way way too many to name but you can just tell when someone lives and breathes it, can’t you? When they’ve obviously put in thousands of hours into their practice.

Tell us a little about the work we can win…
It’s an A4 print on high quality watercolour paper, called Haven’t You Ever Looked Up? It’s cool as.

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