High Rolla’s

There are a lot of denim brands out there. Many of them are ‘meh’, and some of them are genuinely great, but I personally find jeans one of the hardest things to shop for.

I’m pretty particular, and right now I’m all about cut (the perfect high but not too high waist, and still skinny leg for me, thanks), the simplicity (no contrast stitching, no OTT pocket detailing, no ankle zips, no forced rips or patches) and the weight and flex of the denim. I’m constantly on the lookout for denim that retains the skinny lines of the jeans (no baggy knees or saggy butts please) and that’s thick enough that you can’t see knicker lines (no g’s for me). I also like a little bit of character, a subtle signature of some kind, to set my jeans apart from the rest without shouting about it.

Cue Rolla’s, possibly the best thing in lady denim right now.

Rolla’s is created by Melbourne-based designer couple Andy Paltos and Sarah Gilsenan. After years of working for global denim and lifestyle brands, they set out on their own to create something built from their passions, with a more personal approach.

Joining forces with Faberge, Australia’s original classic jeans brand, Sarah and Andy aim to offer something free and modern, with deep roots and fond memories to draw from.

The memories Sarah and Andy are drawing from currently nod to their ‘coast meets city’ upbringings – classic Australian pub rock bands, beachy suburbs, simpler times – but fused into a denim experience with modern fabrications and technology for jeans that fit beautifully.

With a range that continues to grow and develop but is always recognisable, they have only one abiding rule – to keep it simple – which I like.

– Josie Steenhart

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