Holly Rose & Danika: Photo Diary #1

Holly Rose and Danika are models and besties and recently started shooting film together, of their lives and friends and each other. Undone Journal is excited to play host to some of their favourite pics… #2 coming soon! 

Holly is basically always on every roll of film I (Danika) take, this was taken while waiting for Holly to develop her latest roll of film.

During the last days of summer Holly and Emma headed to Omaha and spent the arvo eating feijoas and swimming.

Danika and I (Holly) took a drive up the top of Mount Albert. The lighting was so good that I had to grab a few shots of Danz. Love this picture.

We took Imogen from Clyne down to Narrow Neck Beach in Devonport and basically lucked out with the lighting, these are our fave pics of her.

This photo of Sophie was taken around 2am after getting back from town in Queenstown, I got Sophie to put a top Holly and I (Danika) made on and took some cute snaps before she went to bed.

Recently I (Danika) went on a trip to Queenstown and took my point and shoot film camera with me, and this was a picture I took of the amazing view before hopping on the plan to come back to Auckland!

One afternoon we took some portraits of our friend Emma before she jetted back to Uni in Wellington <3

Words and photos by Holly Rose and Danika at DH Film Diary

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