Holly Rose & Danika: Photo Diary #2

Holly Rose and Danika are models and besties and recently started shooting film together, of their lives and friends and each other. Undone Journal is excited to play host to some of their favourite pics…

Holly: Before Danika ditched me for Croatia we took one last trip to the beach. Danika was modelling while I took some of my favourite photos of her to date. I used mainly digital but the point and shoot film pictures turned out super cute so I had to share.

Danika and I are kind of like sisters… We spend so much time together she ends up on every roll of film. I’m not complaining though because she’s an awesome person to hang with and photograph.

Danika: Before I left on holiday, Holly and I went to Devonport and took some pictures down at the beach. She was photographing, I was modelling and I decided to take a picture of the rocks.

Holly: On a spring-like day I was taking my dog for a stroll around the neighbourhood and came across the most beautiful hibiscus bush about to bloom.

One Sunday afternoon Danika and I got to hang out with the cool and beautiful Amberley. We made a makeshift studio in my room. We styled Amby in hoodies and tees we designed and are so thrilled with the results! It was hard to select which pictures we loved the most because we loved them all.

My neighbours have a magnificent magnolia that’s in bloom at the moment. We took Amby outside to get some cute shots by it. It was a pretty grey day, my little old point and shoot film camera tried its best to deliver high quality results but unfortunately the pictures came out a little grainy – but I still love this picture.

I caught Amby off guard but I think there is something super dreamy about this picture.

Danika: I had a job down in Tauranga that I bused down to and back. This photo was taken through the window of my bus that was supposed to be running two hours late. I managed to get this beautiful sunset picture and ended up home only an one hour later than the original time.

I’m currently in Croatia with my mum on a mini holiday. This photo was taken around 10am on the walls of Old Town Dubrovnik, overlooking the entire town and ocean, such amazing architecture!

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