How to foodstagram: Kelly Gibney, Bonnie Delicious

Food instagrams are not only one of the most popular kinds of pics (along with feet in interesting places, plane wings over interesting places and cute animals), they’re also one of the hardest to make perfect. On a quest to get some tips from some of my favourite New Zealand foodstagrammers I did a little series of interviews, which I’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks, starting with Kelly Gibney of Bonnie Delicious

What, for you, makes a great food instagram?
I like to see an interesting point of view or a good story. Getting a peek into people’s routines and lives is great. Funnily enough, despite my health geek tendencies, I get bored of endless photos of green smoothies or acai bowls. There has to be something a little more intriguing, real. I’m also a big sucker for beautiful lighting.

What are a couple of tips for people trying to get a good food pic?
Always use natural light. Never artificial. Find a a window and use that lovely side light. Full sun is not your friend when shooting food outdoors (like a picnic). Use the dappled light of a tree instead and you’ll get a prettier, more natural effect.

Any favourite apps/filters/tricks/things to avoid?
I don’t use any apps like VSCO to edit my pictures. Most of the time I edit on Photoshop before I upload them. I rely on my social media feeds to attract new work so it needs to look lovely at all times.

How long on average does it take you to get the shot you want?
Some of my best snaps are unplanned and taken spontaneously because something catches my eye or inspires me. These are usually perfect within a couple of goes. When I overthink things or try to plan too much it can take longer. Being relaxed and letting the creativity flow is the best approach.

Words and images by Kelly Gibney.

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