How to foodstagram: Unna Burch, The Forest Cantina

Food instagrams are not only one of the most popular kinds of pics (along with feet in interesting places, plane wings over interesting places and cute animals), they’re also one of the hardest to make perfect. On a quest to get some tips from some of my favourite New Zealand foodstagrammers I did a little series of interviews, here’s the second, with the amazing Unna Burch of The Forest Cantina

What, for you, makes a great food instagram?
Some of my most favourite instagrammers to follow are a mix of self taught, bloggers and chefs but the accounts that I admire most are well thought-out beautiful pages with content that inspires visually. Things like composition of styling, the use of negative space are all things I am attracted too, and of course, food that makes me wanna lick the screen haha.

What are a few tips for people trying to get a good food pic?
Never take photos at night time, I use natural light
Allow enough time to cook and shoot so you are not rushed.
Having a large surface to photograph on so that you are not limited about how big your compositions can be

Any favourite apps/filters/tricks/things to avoid?
I used the VSCO app to edit, Lightroom and Photoshop. And I personally never use a filter.

How long on average does it take you to get the shot you want?
Sometimes its a quick 10 minutes, other times much, much longer. Depends on the complexity of the shot or the psyche of my mind! Somedays I nail it almost instantly, and other days I suck!

Words and images by Unna Burch

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