July Mix Tape: Small Things

The European summer is young, and amid polar blasts and 40 denier tights you’re wishing you were anywhere but here. The challenge to stay zesty and creative while daily grinding for a cause not necessarily your own is constant and weighs heavy on that spirit you swear you once had.

Its time to focus on small things now and great things ahead. Like Fleetwood Mac in November. Like mulled wine. Like open fires. Like winter road trips.

We may not be at Glastonbury, but dammit we won’t be blue.

July Mixtape: Small things

Gallant – Weight in Gold
Alex Turner – Stuck on the Puzzle
Fleetwood Mac – Song bird
Mac DeMarco – Another One
Arcade Fire – Wasted Hours
Jamie xx – I know There’s gonna Be Good Times
The Avener – Lonely Boy
Bat for Lashes – Siren Song
Cat Power – Willie Deadwilder
The Smiths- Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

Katie Higgie, Undone Girl

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