Karma Camellias

At this time of year camellias are in full force. I have a soft spot for their ruffled petals and delicate scent – if only their vase life was as impressive as their looks! They are romantic ice cream scoops of loveliness!

Camellias begin to bruise and brown within minutes of being picked and often last a very short time once placed in a vase… Better admired from the tree, though who can resist one or two for the bedside table.

Being a Japanese flower I thought I would try my hand at doing a very “full” ikebana arrangement.

Ikebana is the art of Japanese flower arranging and focuses on minimalism – drawing your attention to the shape, line and forms of stems rather than the flowers.

My camellia ikebana breaks all the rules of using only a minimal amount of blooms but it’s a romantic Lu Diamond take to make the most of all the stunning camellias on show at the moment.

Lucy Houghton, Undone Girl

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