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We were lucky enough to attend Saturday night’s ultra glam L’Oreal Colour Trophy Awards, have a peek backstage (see our Insta) and snatch a few quick minutes with Willis York‘s Rebecca Brent, the very cool winner of the big prize, the Supreme Award.

As well as a very good industry rep and a whole lotta glory, Rebecca gets a trip for two to Paris to visit L’Oréal Professionnel headquarters, gets to attend the L’Oréal Colour Trophy UK 14/15 (in London we’re guessing?!), plus a $1000 fashion and beauty prize pack.

It’s not hard to see why her look was so special, but we checked in with the judges first to get the inside pro scoop…

“In a competition of this nature it’s important to see colour – and my eye was always drawn back to the colour execution of Rebecca’s look.” – Head judge Brad Ngata.

Past L’Oréal Colour Trophy winner Damien Rinaldo: “beauty should defy ages, and this look does. It has a cool freshness to it with an edge that pushes the look further. You can really see there’s personality behind it.”

“Whilst being forward thinking it is very ‘now’ – people are asking for this look in salon.” – Caterina DiBiase, also a past award winner. (We heart Caterina!)

Finally, we got to chat with Rebecca herself…

How did you decide what you wanted to do for your entry, and where did you get the inspiration?
It all starts with a face you want to shoot, and you build a look around what would make that model come to life! I love the androgynous look and wanted to play with the super pixie short hair but with a really soft pretty colour. The colour was inspired by the softness of the pinks and greys in the sky at dusk – nature is my constant inspiration.

The styling, makeup, model etc. are all really important to enhance the look you created, who else was involved in your entry?
I found my model waitressing at an event I was at – her hair was natural and I knew how incredible she would look if it was turned white. Kate Boyd did the makeup and Louise Hatton took the image. I styled it myself.

There were so many delicious paintbox shades entered this year, from pastels to brights – why do you think this is?
With mainstream consumer products out there like L’Oréal Professionnel Hair Chalks and celebrities now embracing pastel colours, it gives the ‘okay’ for more tasteful, daring colours to emerge. People want to see work that’s different and evolving – pink for me is always okay!

Aside from the beautiful candy pink in your entry, what are some favourite colours and how do we wear them?
I love rose-gold blondes and copper or auburn tones. Wear these deeper at the roots going out to lighter ends. Lilacs and grey blues are coming through too – try it at the tips or in panels through your hair. The bob that Beyonce has in the video Mine is a great look as well.

Could you share some tips and tricks for ‘right-now’ hair?
Keep it soft – fuss-free hair is always elegant. Use L’Oréal Professionnel Super Dust to boost the roots. Play with different textures – try slick hair with a dry, messy ponytail to make the look smooth and playful. Plaits and twists are timeless looks as well.


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