Let Them Eat Cake

A lot of things caught our attention about the new Georgia Alice collection and campaign.

There was that perfect shade of pink, the slouchy black suit pants, the flared skirts, the frayed edges, the sheeny shiny shorts and those baggy/tapered jean cuts that march to nobody else’s beat… and then there was those fluffball earrings, which demand a double take, and those floppy denim hats with brims upturned…

We also love the time-lapsey, slightly kaleidoscopic night-beach pics played off against the very still but mood-packed indoor shots… oh and we love Valentina, the model! Those eyes, and that skin!

The icing on the cake for us (pun very much intended and far too perfect to pass up) was finding out the collection was named for, and directly inspired by, a cake.

Craving cake, we caught a few minutes with super lovely designer (and fellow cake fiend) Georgia Currie…

Georgia, what exactly is a Battenberg cake?
A Battenberg cake is an aamaaaaazzzinnnggg sponge cake. It has this two-by-two check pattern in pink and yellow sponge squares, which are joint together with jam and covered in a layer of marzipan. It’s a very special thing.

How does it apply to your collection?
Well, I was thinking a lot about the tendency of mine to create these quite structured garments, particularly for winter. For Battenberg, I wanted to offset this with some softer hues. The pastel colour palette and the gridded construction of the cake seemed to sum up this dynamic. Also, I wanted this collection to feel really fun, and Battenberg cake has this nostalgic quality for me, it takes me back to my childhood.

Other favourite cakes?
I actually love almost all cake. I was in Bali recently and had a cake at a place called Biku – a lime and pistachio sponge cake I think… It was delicious.

We’re really into that shade of pink! What’s your favorite colour right now and why?
I love the pink leather from Battenberg… and I love blue, which is why denim is such an attractive medium and why I keep coming back to it. Depending on the dying technique used you can have so much depth within the one wash. Right now, I love denim-on-denim looks.

Is this the first time you’ve had leather in your collections? And denim? Tell us a little about both?
Actually, leather and denim have been a big part of Georgia Alice since the label was launched. There were several core pieces in ‘Imperial’, my first collection. I’m a very tactile person and I guess it’s in large part to do with the way these materials change over their lifespan and their relationship to traditional workwear that I’m particularly interested in.

We have to ask about those earrings…
POMS. Designed by the loveliest gal Adriana Giuffrida who is based in Melbourne!

And the hats! Are they yours?
The hats are mine! And if you love those, you’re really going to love the hats I’ve worked on for Spring/Summer!


Model: Valentina @ Chic | Photographer: Ben Sullivan | Stylist: Imogen Wilson

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