Twenty-year-old photographer Connie McDonald is one of the most creative little ladies we know. As well as taking very pretty off-the-cuff, uncontrived pictures, she doodles (see the sweet illustrated handbooks she drew for Undone here and here), dries flowers she collects walking home from uni, makes sticker books, badges and zines and films.

She’s shot Lily before for us. We love the honest feel of this new editorial, the comfortable, cosy, careless mess of student life and the way Lily glows against her everyday backdrop.

Connie also writes poems, and she wrote us one this week (we know, right!?!), so it seemed fitting to publish it here too…

the window let in
ribbons of street light
and mild air.

she lay
on top of her blankets in

(his name was Gus)
he smelled of

he touched her spine
her skin roughened

he traced her collarbone
with kisses
and touched her eyelashes

held so close
skin on skin

Model: Lily at Ali McD | Photography: Connie McDonald | Clothing: Model’s own

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