My name is Connie McDonald. I’m a 19 year old from Dunedin. I’m fascinated by life, every second of it. To document it, I use photography, poetry, short stories and doodles.

I used to babysit Lily. We’re both ginger-haired, excitable and loving people. I believe in photographing the people and spaces around me. An honesty. Lily is a friend I’ve known through her growing up.

We hung out in Lily’s freshly painted white room, and on her balcony, and took photographs.

The day was rainy, and it was lovely. I photographed her in her own clothing: some old, some new – and documented our couple of hours hanging out.

The photos are honest and all ‘photoshop-free’.


– Connie McDonald

Model: Lily at Ali McD | Photography: Connie McDonald | Clothing: Model’s own

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