Lorena Prain, Blonde As Ice

We’re completely captivated by Spanish artist Lorena Prain’s quirky and distinctive beauty. I lifted Lorena’s natural locks to a headturning ice-white hue, before Laura snapped some candid shots outside Netil House’s signature photo booth.

While we worked, Lorena chatted with us on art and modelling…

“I’ve always loved working with pastels, acrylic or with coloured pencils but lately I’ve become a little more high tech. I’ve been working a lot with Photoshop and a combination of hand drawn mediums.

I just draw people whose personality attracts me, it’s not solely about the aesthetic. I like to try to express their lives by playing with their facial features, proportions and expressions.

There is no artist who has influenced me directly. Perhaps Claudia Mate, but I think that’s probably because I live with her.

I kind of fell into modelling to finance my art projects rather than for a love of it directly. It’s definitely secondary to my artistic endeavours.”


Cut, colour, styling and interview by Glasshouse Salon director Olivia Crighton | Photos by Laura Allard-Fleischl

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