Meet The Makers: Camila Araos Elevancini

Here at Undone we’re very into magazines, of all kinds and variations, whether digital, glossy, newsprint, big, small or more on the handmade side. One such publication style is the zine that definitely, but beautifully, and with intent, falls on the small and handmade side, is the zine.

To celebrate these often brilliant, quirky, cool and utterly independent little creations, with the help of Auckland Zinefest, Undone presents a special series of Meet the Makers, showcasing the work and musings of some of New Zealand’s most talented female zine creators…

Name: Camila Araos Elevancini
Age: 26
Day job: Materials coordinator, film distribution
Based in: Auckland

What’s your zine called? Tell us a bit about it…
My zine pseudonym is ‘Single Dad’. I make zines about mundane feelings and anecdotes I try to explain through illustrations and text. For example, what do my friends do on their hedonistic very lazy days off? Why do I feel weird when I wake up after a nap?

What’s involved in putting it together? Do you do it all yourself or…?
So far, every zine I have put together comes from a recent interaction or observation that makes me feel something. I will visualise why this is funny or what it means and then draw it on scrap paper. Sometimes I will have an idea of how I want to construct the zine and the materials I will use to draw it. After I’m happy with what I have made, I scan all my pages, clean them up on my computer and figure out a layout. Sometimes I’ll add more drawings at the last minute if I feel like it’s missing some spice! Finally, I print out my zines in colour anywhere I can. Sometimes I go to a printing place and will pay to have them printed.

What got you into the zine industry?
I used to make magazines for my family, usually with family trivia and secrets, and leave them in the shared bathroom. These were zines before I knew what a zine was. It wasn’t until a family friend who had been to our bathroom told me about the Auckland Zinefest and I thought I should try making a zine. I liked that it could be anything I wanted and it didn’t require a lot of commitment.

What do you love about zines, and about the scene?
I love all the different voices in the zine scene and the feeling of reading someone’s most personal thoughts. There is no judgement when you read someone’s zine, it can be completely anonymous and it feels more raw than if someone were writing the same thoughts online.

Any downsides/bad bits?
The only bad bits I guess are that some information can be presented as a fact without actually being correct. But like any other medium, if you are reading a zine for scientific research you should also double check with other sources.

What would your advice be to anyone thinking about having a go at making a zine?
I would advise them to not be scared to make one. There is no topic too small or too large to discuss, and everyone loves reading them!

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