Meet the makers: Rachel Peary

Here at Undone we’re very into magazines, of all kinds and variations, whether digital, glossy, newsprint, big, small or more on the handmade side. One such publication style is the zine that definitely, but beautifully, and with intent, falls on the small and handmade side, is the zine.

To celebrate these often brilliant, quirky, cool and utterly independent little creations, with the help of Auckland Zinefest, Undone presents a special series of Meet the Makers, showcasing the work and musings of some of New Zealand’s most talented female zine creators…

Name: Rachel Peary
Age: 28
Day job: Fine Arts student
Based in: Hamilton

Hey Rachel, what’s your zine called? Tell us a bit about it…
I have a number of zines and they are all an extension of my fine arts painting and sculpture practice. They explore layer, texture, shape, colour and transparency.

What’s involved in putting them together? Do you do it all yourself or…

I normally start with a painting and go from there, adapt that to a zine format. I do all the design and print work myself.

What got you into the zine industry?
A tutor I had in my first year of study encouraged me to give it a go, and I never looked back!

What do you love about zines, and about the scene?
I love how truely inclusive it is and especially for how varied the genres of work are. Zinefests are full of engaged strange creatives, myself included, and I love being a part of that and feeling fully individual and yet a part of a community.

Any downsides/bad bits?
Not really!

What would your advice be to anyone thinking about having a go at making a zine?
Just start. Find some zines you like to get inspired, get involved, start making and enjoy!


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