Meringue Girl

It’s my second time in London, and I’d forgotten how beautiful, lively and fun it is. We’re staying in the east, in Dalston, which is young and cool and packed with amazing cafes and restaurants. It’s the peak of summer so the sun doesn’t set until 10pm.

I’m lucky enough to be working for the Meringue Girls over here. I stroll to the bakery on the loveliest little mews just off Broadway Market, and spend the day making pastel coloured meringues. The kitchen is super warm and smells like sugar. My piping skills have been perfected and I know all the trade secrets about making the dreamiest meringues in the world.

On my days off I sleep in a little, a luxury I’m not used to at all. I play with Huckleberry (the 3 month old kitten who I’m staying with), I eat granola and fresh berries for breakfast, and decide which part of this enormous and spread-out city I will explore. I usually plan my days around where I want to go for lunch and afternoon tea.

The beauty of being in Europe is that on a whim, you can choose to pop over to another country, just ’cause. I decided I missed my grandparents, so booked the Eurostar and went to Paris for the weekend. How brilliant. We ate like gourmands for two days, indulging in five-course meals cooked by my extremely talented granny and pappy.

Next stop is Barcelona. Life could be worse.

Jordan Rondel, Undone Girl

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