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Now that it’s getting a little cooler we can more easily get passionate about the new autumn/winter mood coming through from lots of our favourite designers, and once again there’s plenty about Moochi to keep us happy through the frozen season.

To ease us into things, they’ve just released an effortlessly sophisticated capsule edit to sit in the ‘Collection’ range, all liquid silks, soft knits, exotic stripes and chic little details in a palette of black, white and (bamboo) forest green.

We caught a few minutes with the talented team to find out more…

What is ‘Moochi Collection’ and how does it stand apart/complement the rest of the Moochi range?
We like to think of COLLECTION as Moochi at its best. While our mainline range aims to inspire women to feel confident and look chic every day – effortless style for daily life – the seasonal COLLECTION label is our high-fashion moment, telling a more indulgent story through a collection of coveted pieces finished in luxe fabrics and elevated detailing. It has the same Moochi aesthetic you know and love – with a bit more love and luxury added to make it extra special.

What are your favourite fabrications used in this collection?
We have indulged in the rich green silk and this feels just right for mid season. I love the mix of the pleating and the vegan leather in the Accord dress and for me the luxe of the satin-back crepe used for the kimono really sets this piece apart form others. Adding leather jackets, pants or the scarf with the fringing all add textural layers to love.

You’ve talked about a subtle oriental influence – where can we see this, and where there countries or other things that were of particular inspiration?
There are some subtle oriental influences in the silhouette of the kimono dress, the origami pleating seen in the Accord dress and Japanese draping of some of the collection’s key pieces. The oriental feeling has been translated into modern, wearable pieces and loungewear-inspired separates we hope will become staple pieces in many a wardrobe this season!


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