Natalie Marie

With a background in fashion and fine arts, Natalie Marie Walker has developed a label that is based on connection, sentiment and originality, and we’re in ♥!

Creating each piece by hand in her Sydney studio, every necklace, bracelet and ring is a testament to Walker’s dedication and love for her craft. At the core of Natalie Marie Jewellery is the desire to create collections that combine personal, precious and fine jewellery with more directional statement pieces. The pieces are precious but never overdone…

Hey Natalie! Where is your studio located and why?
My studio is located at home, in Avalon on the Northern beaches. I have a perfect set up, with lots of light and air which works perfectly as a making space as well as order packing station and office. We only recently moved here and working from home feels like such a luxury in such a beautiful area. Breaking up a day of making with a swim or a walk around the headland cures any afternoon fidgets. Having my work so close at hand, means that I can always be on call to jump in the studio, It also makes long nights on the bench feel much better when bed is that bit closer.

What materials do you love to work with?
As long as its metal, I’m not really too fussy! I wear gold, but enjoy working with silver equally. I just enjoy how you can work and manipulate metals and bring to life some pretty interesting stuff. There is something pretty special and satisfying about creating something beautiful out of a handful of metal.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
I would describe it as raw and delicate, organic but thoughtful and well finished.

What inspired the most recent pieces?
I’ve just finished my new collection which I have been on a bit of a roll with. I’ve been playing with combining textures and finishes – like sparkly faceted stones with heavily textured framing and a matt finish ring band. I’ve been inspired by processes which is really the key to how I work, Reticulation in particular which is a long and technical process of using heat to create a crinkly foil like texture on the metal. Process and play is always my biggest inspiration.

Do you have a favourite piece?
My favourite piece from the new collection is a 5 stone cluster ring, with a Rutilated Quartz, black and clear diamonds. Its something about the way the stones sit together I think. I’m excited to share it soon.


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