Natural Beauty: Honey & Almond Scrub

As part of an ongoing series in collaboration with Glasshouse Salon, we’re bringing you simple beauty recipes you can make at home with everyday natural ingredients. It’s the perfect way to make sure you know exactly what you’re putting onto your skin, and avoid unnecessary chemicals.

We’re constantly on the look out for simple, skin soothing remedies to help rejuvenate our skin after the chilly winter months.

A quick and gentle scrub once a week will work wonders at removing dead layers of skin, allowing the complexion to absorb much needed moisture. Harsh exfoliation might do more harm than good however, making this natural ground almond alternative our go to gentle skin scrub.

Affordable yet luxurious, we guaranteed this homemade scrub will make your winter skin feel all brand new!

Honey & Almond Scrub
Grind raw almonds in a kitchen mini whizz and process until you have formed semi-course meal. Add enough water and honey to make a thick paste. Massage onto cleansed skin using a gentle circular motion. Leave for a few moments and then wash off with warm water.

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