Newcastle To New York

For cool, wearable street fashion with a chic sporty twist, you can’t go past Rag & Bone.

This collection, Pre-Fall 14, was inspired by Nigel Shafran’s photos of kids on English council estates back in the 1990s (which we’ve interspersed between the lookbook shots, we’re pretty sure you can guess which is which) and shot in the Upper East Side YMCA (yes the one from The Royal Tenenbaums).

The Rag & Bone boys (Marcus Wainwright and David Neville) are Brits, and reference their Newcastle youth in the collection, though the brand is of course straight outta NYC.

We’re drawn by the tension between soft slouchy shapes and sharp graphic details (note the geometric panelling swatched straight off those nylon 90s shellsuits), the boyish, youthful edge that errs just on the right side of grown-up and feminine and the palette of black, white and grey exclusively (all about those three).

We’re also strangely taken with the hoop earrings and scrunchies and are hoping there’s a couple of little comebacks on the way…


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