The Sick Bag Song By Nick Cave

On first hearing about The Sick Bag Song – a book and accompanying audio penned mid-flight on the back of sick bags – we were a little suspicious about it being an elaborate practical joke, the kind that Nick Cave just might play…

If it’s not, we’re in for a bit of a treat on April 8 when it releases, in two forms, the ‘unlimited’ edition at NZ$60 and the ‘limited’ edition at nearly $1500 (this one comes with a specially produced and fully functional sick bag hand-decorated and signed by Mr Cave and the recording on two white vinyl records).

The Sick Bag Song chronicles Nick Cave’s 22-city 2014 tour of North America with The Bad Seeds, which began as scribbles on airline sick bags and grew into a “restless full-length epic, seeking out the roots of inspiration, love and meaning.”

We usually put all our energy into zoning out on flights, so we’re taking this as magnificent inspiration for the creation of new and wondrous things mid air!


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