Obsession Du Jour

I grew up surrounded by a carefully considered, cultivated native garden where birds were encouraged to live and linger, not just through an abundance of delicious or delightful-to-birds trees and plants, but also through the bird feeders my mother hung high in the trees. Hers were handmade and more function over form – from memory a kind of waxy cake made of lard and seeds set in a small fine string bag – but once the little tweeters caught on they were there, we’d have tiny frenzies of feathered visitors from starlings to wax-eyes.

I’ve always harboured a love of birds (in London it was the much-maligned pigeon) and as I once again live in an environment surrounded by trees and plants, get great delight from watching the bird action all around. We have everything from tui and fantail to some kind of exotic rainbow parrot that looks like a runaway from the pet store (or stowaway from across the ditch). My downstairs neighbour (he of #undonegardenupdate fame on Instagram) puts out slices of bread most mornings but that usually results first in a flurry of sparrows (cute!) quickly followed by the eye-wateringly irritating, aggressive caws of a mynah bird couple monopolising the situation (not cute!).

So I’ve been dreaming of re-introducing the magic of the bird feeder back into my life, and this one stocked by the brilliantly edited Garden Objects is basically everything.

Each Vasse Vaught-designed bird feeder is hand formed in Viriginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains using traditional techniques. The vogeli feeder provides a shelter for birds to feed and includes a drainage hole to keep the seed dry. Made from 16oz copper, the bird feeder will oxidise over time, creating a beautiful patina (seen in the first image). There’s also an equally beautiful bird bath with similar principles.

Looks like they’re currently out of stock on the feeder, but if you ask nicely they may be getting more in…


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