Origami Book Sculptures

Calling this ‘origami’ is a little deceiving, as while these folded books look intricate, they are far easier to make than Japanese cranes. All you need is a couple of old secondhand books, and some time for folding.

Perfect for an evening when you feel the need to achieve without leaving the couch.

For the cylinder shape you’ll need a thick novel (about 200-300 page) to help create a full rounded shape once folded.

To begin, remove the cover from your book, along with any other loose pages. Flex the spine a little to loosen the binding, making it easier to fold.

Open the book flat, and starting in the middle, fold each page in half towards the spine. Repeat page by page until the whole book is done. Bring the two end pages around to meet, glue together and you have your standing book sculpture!

The pyramid shape follows virtually the same method, but you fold the pages into triangles. First bring the top corner into the spine, then repeat bringing the bottom corner in to meet the top. I left this open to sit flat, or try sticking on the wall.

Once complete, display with assorted ephemera. Here they join the candles and air plants currently occupying my mantle.

Small bell jar from Madder & Rouge, ‘Gio’ votives from Country Road, air plants from Ponsonby Plant Centre.


Alice Lines, Undone Girl

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