Pepsi Cola

So, you might cringe a little, but I’ve recently been girl-crushing on Lana Del Rey. Apparently a few years too late too!

Her controversial lyrics, “my pussy tastes like Pepsi cola, my eyes are wide like cherry pie”, prompted me to make a fantastic fizzy cola arrangement. I’ve made plenty of bouquets with food or beverage references – cherry pie with cream, lemon tart and Shirley Temple – but never one inspired by the all-American Pepsi cola.

Though I never drink it myself I kind of enjoy the brand’s cheesy marketing slogans – ‘Pepsi Challenge’, ‘The Choice Is Yours’ – which I guess subconsciously influenced me when creating my floral projects. I like to create a story or take parts of someone else’s and run with it.

My work draws influence and inspiration from so many things not directly associated with floristry or floral design. The unexpected colour combo of white, red and blue pays tribute to this. I was once told you should never use blue and red together. I ignored the design rulebook and have started writing my own.

I choose to avoid limiting my work with too many rules or guidelines. The perfect arrangement should come together with ease. This simplicity keeps my work fresh and exciting, open to inspiration and unique to my hand.

And in this case, a drink that tastes like Lana Del Rey’s pussy should probably be drenched in glitter too!


Lucy Houghton, Undone Girl

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