Plaid Boards

Jayne Min and her blog Stop It Right Now are two of my favourite things to look at on the internet.

SIRN first came into my consciousness via an image of a skateboard, perfectly skinned in one of those jewel-hued, slightly Moroccan/Turkish/something grid prints from that Celine collection.

Jayne, who’s one of those people who just touches things and makes them cooler, was making, and oh my god selling, these Celine-inspired boards, and even though the last time I even attempted to get on a skateboard was as a 16-year-old showoff dressed a little like Courtney Love (or so I thought), I wanted one.

Of course they’d already sold out.

Right now though, and let’s keep this a secret, she’s gone and done new boards in that Celine print. Yep, that one. What makes me even more panicky (and therefore prone to italics) is that she’s also released a few of the other other Celine prints, and they are up for grabs also.

It would be Christmas madness not to get at least one of each…    x

– Josie Steenhart

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