Pop Quiz: Wiki Waitai

OMG we have some wonderful, talented, creative people in New Zealand! Here’s just one, Wiki Waitai, of Wellington…

How do you make a living?
I’ve been working full time at Stacks Furniture, in Newtown, Wellington for the past five months, this is my bread and butter and I’ve managed to keep my skincare business running, mostly creating/crafting batches after work or when my boys are asleep. Wiki Skincare has been my third child for the past four and a half years, we’re still boutique size and still loving the good feeling and active results our clients respond too.

What do you love about it?
At Stacks I am again helping create someone’s dream sofa – like a moss green velvet two-seat sofa with feather cushions paired with a round ottoman covered in a digital print of a water painting. Saaaaah fun, It’s keeping me sane, keeps me focused on my future.

Who/what inspires you?
My friends inspire me the most. I have some very talented friends, artist, culinary geeks, jewellers, fashwah folks, builders, parents, hard-working hospo crew and marketing gurus to name a few.

What are your hobbies/what do you do/enjoy outside of work?
Truthfully, I have very little spare time. I love to spend time with my boys – we do a lot of arts n crafts. I’m super passionate about cooking, I love to feed people, literally just baked two cakes – a Persian love cake and a banana cake (most of which will go to work tomorrow to treat the Stacks + Axe crew). And of course my fave adult hobbies, red wine and Netflix.

Where do you live and what’s great about it?
Ahhh I’m currently living in limbo. After a decade together, Skip and I have parted ways, I’m still in our family home in Brooklyn. I love the area, it’s close to the boys school, work and it’s super safe. We have great neighbours and a wee dairy on the corner.

Favourite piece of clothing and why?
I’m die-hard denim – I love wearing jeans, current fave pair are some faded black sky high Dr Denims!

What were you like as a teenager?
Fearless, kind, always keen for the next adventure, in search of love and probably a little reckless, then I moved into Wellington city.

Favourite colour?
Blue! Always and forever blue – teal, royal, indigo, ocean blues, sapphire, cobalt, denim, azure, lapis, Egyptian… Every blue.

The last good book you read?
Chanel: An Intimate Life by Lisa Chaney – “Coco Chanel was many things to many people. Raised in emotional and financial poverty, she became one of the defining figures of the twentieth century. She was mistress to aristocrats, artists and spies. She broke rules of style and decorum, seducing both men and women, yet in her work expected the highest standards. She took a ‘plaything’ and turned it into a global industry which defined the modern woman.” Totally inspirational!

Beauty/skincare products you couldn’t live without?
Haha, Wiki Skincare Oil Cleanser and Daily Face Oil No 2, and Chanel liquid liner in Noir.

What’s hanging on your walls?
Oooohhh so many faves – Richard Thurston, Who is Dead Martin, Veronica Green, Andy Sales, Shag, Doug Horne, Otis Chamberlain, Antony Nobilo, a few of my own photos and artwork and umm a Gina Kiel, a Frizzell, a Benjamin Bocock and a some special pieces done by my kids.

Who is your muse/hero/best friend and why?
Cheesy, but my kids – they are my reason to get up, to create and to make an awesome future for myself and them.

What’s something you’re super proud of?
Having the courage to walk away from my relationship, break my own heart, so I could create a happier life for my children. Hardest decision ever.

What was the last thing you purchased?
Two hanging plants and an air purifying plant from Yvette Edward’s pop up plant shop at The Axe in Newtown.

Three (or more) favourite instagram accounts you follow?
@thenational_nz, @tommymillions, @designmilk, @_o_ya_, @frenchwords, @davidchang, @vogue, @undonejournal.

What’s something you’re planning/dreaming of/hoping for in the year ahead?
To have some of the furniture I’m designing being sold in stores, for my youngest to burst into using full and articulated language, for my oldest boy to score a goal at football, for my life to be filled with smiles and laughter and love!

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