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We’re super excited about this week! Not only do we get to introduce to you (if you don’t already know these brilliant girls and/or their work) some of our coolest and most talented female illustrators, we’re also giving away an amazing artwork from each of them!

Next up is Sarah Larnach, the girl behind all that Ladyhawke album and video radness (among other things!) – read on for a short sweet Q&A and below for how to enter to win her “mean and sweet” print! THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED!

– Repost Sarah’s print on Instagram
– Tag Undone (@undonejournal) and Sarah (@sarahlarnach)
– Pop on the hashtag #sketchyladies
– Make sure you’re following both of us. Easy!

Sarah, what’s your first memory of picking up a pencil or brush and drawing/painting with intent?
Off school, sick, age six, I worked on a series of portraits of my TV heroes and was really glad I could stay home doing my important work. The subjects were Peggy from Hi-De-Hi and Hogan from Hogan’s Heroes. Around the same time, mum taught me the importance of filling the paper and I made a fluoro abstract series that I gave to my friends as gifts.

Favourite mediums?
Watercolour and ink on paper. Using both mediums is quite unforgiving and you have to harness your own fuck-ups when using them. I am a tad absent-minded, so painting in oils became too messy/dangerous around carpet and wallpaper. Same goes for pastel and charcoal. And pencils take forever to fill a page, so they’re out too.

If you could have any one female (past or present) sit for you, who would it be?
I would choose Anjelica Huston because it’s a joy to paint an icon, and from a critical point of view she is nicely angular, which I find very satisfying to paint.

Do you you listen to music while you work, and if so, what?
Only Fleetwood Mac, Ladyhawke and CCR, because I know the songs so well they’re no longer distracting. But 95% of the time, I listen to fiction audiobooks or discussion podcasts in the studio – they help me stay in one place and just keep painting.

Tell us a little about the work we can win…
This is a favourite work of mine here, the Space Raccoon, originally painted in watercolour and ink on paper – now reproduced as a 297mm x 210mm giclee print on archival watercolour paper. I like how mean and sweet she is. Animals have become a preferred subject of mine because like human portrait subjects, they can convey a mood or emotion, but without the human baggage of being a certain style of person. Plus I don’t have to pay animals to model for me. I exploit them freely.

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