Saturday Night Lyrics: Frankenstein, Randa

Undone‘s very special Big Day Out version of Saturday Night Lyrics, for those going to the Auckland show on 17 January… Don’t miss Randa, she’s awesome!

‘Frankenstein’, Randa

Paper bags, eating sandwiches with lettuce
Life is but a beach and this beach like Venice
Sand in the Vans of a sabre-gripped menace
Tamagotchi don’t swim but my gosh he play tennis
Below the cabins… I flow piranha

I go bananas like the fruit inside pyjamas
Randa or Miranda – feel like rap’s Hannah Montana
Making fans of all those nanas in the Pac bandanas
I’m Michael Jordan, I’m Dennis Rodman
Solution’s in my hands but I’m obviously a problem
Everyday is Halloween – dressed up as a goblin
Mum said we in Auckland but I thought that she said Compton
Gnomes gettin’ jealous cause my garden’s full of martians
UFOs, lightsabres with instructions full of jargons
Red cups, Mischa Barton plus a couple milk cartons
It’s a Big Bang Theory – lines smart as Jim Parsons

I’m a loser, I’m a freak, call me Frankenstein
Call me Frankenstein, call me Frankenstein
Kaleidoscopic thoughts draw me from the facts of life
Double speed, triple – now i’m trippin’ with the afterlife

I rap intelligent… then I shout hard
So kids love this kid more than their moms hate South Park
Going harder than a Krelboyne’s spelling test
Malcolm in the Middle, text-edit, no spellcheck
Benny in the sandlot, George in the jungle
2001, Steve Austin in the Rumble

Grew up playing tag, now I’m tagged in the tumble
Top a screenshot of Chris playing Kurt Hummel
Head was always outer space with the Jetsons
Super fly dope cause I grew up with the Fresh Prince
Close my eyes, Snuka dive through the galaxy
I’m just tryin’a live my five-and-a-half-year-old fantasy


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